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 New SSS War Rooms

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PostSubject: New SSS War Rooms   Tue Apr 07, 2009 12:17 pm


Well... I am pleased to let my fellow Sick Siders
know that we are somewhat coming back.
I would like us to set a meet time we can all
expect to be here. Sorta like our AA meetings.
Also currently SSS has no rules. If you have
fun or choose to start some fun, please do so
without vulgar language or inappropriate
behavior while using the ~SSS~ name.
Otherwise lets see what kind of fun we can start.
I will be checking in periodically but since im somewhat
internet challenged at the moment, I will be
stopping in from time to time to see if i can catch
anyone on atleast a few times every week.
For now lets share ideas for improving the ~SSS~
crew in the bottom chat.
Good luck and lets fuck some shit up!

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New SSS War Rooms
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